The ULTIMATE Oreo Brownies

A Haiku about Oreo Brownies Ultimate brownie That happens to be vegan Full of Oreoes That’s basically the gist of it. Oh yeah, and they’re super delicious. The Ultimate Oreo Brownies Ingredients Crust 220g Oreos 17g cocoa butter (melted) Brownies 200g dark chocolate 1/2 cup melted coconut oil 1 cup dairy free milk 1 tsp…

3 Months In

Vegan for three months. Feels like forever while simultaneously feeling like it’s only been a day. I feel like I’ve been vegan my whole life but then when I think of people who have been vegan for years and years and years 3 months is nothing. I feel like a veteran but I’m a rookie….

Lemon and Poppy Seed Waffles with Blueberries (V)

I have always respected Beyoncé as an artist but for a long time I always felt like she was kind of overrated. Yeah, she’s a great singer, she can dance, she’s a feminist and she’s beautiful but I mean, she’s alright. But that all changed when Lemonade came out. Call me a groupie or whatever…

Bircher Muesli

It’s tough out here being a vegan during breakfast time. You only realise how many animal products are in staple breakfasts once you can’t eat them anymore. It can kind of be disheartening because if you already thought breakfasts were limited imagine how limited they are without eggs or bacon or yogurt. It’s the streets…

Mixed Berry Smoothie

When you get your wisdom teeth removed, eating yogurt for breakfast, lunch and supper gets real boring real fast so you gotta mix it up. Here’s where the smoothie comes in. Summer is fast approaching but it’s not quite here yet so an array of different berries is a pretty fitting fruit choice I think….