Petitions You Can Sign Today!

Social, political, environmental, and economic issues plague many communities. Although a lot of the issues we see today have been in progress for decades, there’s something about the air in 2020 that’s making most of us fed up with the bullshit. The world is changing. Many people are protesting for their rights all across the globe and attempting to dismantle the unjust systems a large part of the modern world is built on. Not all of us can physically take part in the protests for change. A lot of us might not have the finances to donate to some foundations and organisations in need either. But everybody. EVERYBODY! Can sign a petition.



(Please look at the dates between these two tweets)



Legalize Abortion in Namibia

Establish Namibia’s First Digitally Accessible Sex Offenders List

Remove the Curt von Francios Statue from the City of Windhoek

Remove the Racist Gallows Linching Pole in Henties Bay

Tsumeb Soup Kitchen for Mothers and Children


South Africa

South African Police Service needs to make GBV a priority

Make the Sex Offenders List Public

The President to address the death of Collins Khosa at the hands of law enforcement

Justice for Collins Khosa


Black Lives Matter

Justice for Breonna Taylor

Arrest the Police Who Killed Breonna Taylor

Justice for Elijah McClain

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery

Justice for Shukri Abdi

Justice For Toyin Salau

Justice for Lakeith Smith and A’Donte Washington

Justice for Robert Fuller

Justice For Dafonte Miller

Justice for Monique Fells (black trans lives matter)

Justice for Gregory Johnson, Jr.

Change KKK status into Terrorist Organization

Willie Simmons has served 38 years for a $9 robbery


Reinstate Laws that Protect LGBTQ+ Right to Healthcare

Disallow Trump’s New Rule Allowing Hospitals To Deny Care Based On LGBTQ+ Status

Abolish anti-LGBT laws and protect LGBT people in Poland


Middle East

Stop the war and end the famine in Yemen

Justice for Yemen

Compassion and Action for Yemen Crisis Refugees

Save Children In Poverty In Syria

Famine/Genocide In Yemen

Justice for Iyad Al-Halak

Sign the SFY Petition


BLM UK (Only UK citizens or residents may sign)

Teach Britain’s colonial past as part of the UK’s compulsory curriculum

Introduce Mandatory Ethnicity Pay Gap Reporting

Improve Maternal Mortality Rates and Health Care for Black Women in the U.K.

Add education on diversity and racism to all school curriculums



Uighur Muslims are being held in concentration camps in China

Free the Uighur Muslims

Stand Up For The Uyghur Muslims In China

Police Brutality in Hong Kong

South Asia



If any important petitions are missing please add links in the comments below or let me know of any I should add. I will try to update this page often and remove petitions that have met their goal or are inauthentic.

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