Day 28: Pet Peeves


You know what really grinds my gears? What really gets me going in the worst way ever?

Not much, to be honest, I’m pretty easy breezy, but there are a few things I can think of that really irk me.

People who don’t indicate

It doesn’t matter whether or not I’m the one driving when this happens but it really gets me. I just wonder at people who don’t indicate… If you’re not indicating before approaching a turn you plan on taking then what exactly are you doing when you drive? Flicking the indicator on before taking a turn should be automatic. You shouldn’t even think about it, so what’s your deal? Why isn’t it an automatic habit for you? Your turn will affect the driving of other cars around you. You’re not the only person on the road, so be a doll and use your indicator.


I hate being hungry. I get so irritable and I hate it because I become mean. I become a  real bitch when I’m hungry and anything you do, big or small, can set me off. I hate when I get like this because even though I know I’m only irritable because I’m hungry I can’t stop myself from biting someone’s head off for the simplest altercation. I can’t stop the hanger. I can’t control it. That aspect of myself is not controlled by the mind or heart, it’s all in the belly and the only way to get rid of it is to eat.

Willful ignorance

If you have no access to certain information and you’re ignorant on a certain topic because if it, that’s totally fine. What gets me is when people have been given access, either through word of mouth or technology but choose not to engage in it. They choose to turn a blind eye yet continue to talk a bunch of shit on the same topic they wish to learn nothing about. That makes me so upset. You have the information! Use it to make an informed decision and a sound argument. Don’t say shit and ignore the truth because you don’t want to admit that you are wrong or that admitting the truth will make you feel guilty. Get it together, man! Willful ignorance is weak! Stop being so weak.


Lies as a joke don’t count because they’re jokes. However, when I ask you something, I expect an honest answer. I don’t care if the truth may offend me, I must learn to not take offence, but don’t lie to me. Lying is more disrespectful than any true but hurtful answer you could ever give. To me, lying is the highest sign of disrespect and if you lie to me then it shows you don’t respect me and if you don’t respect me can we even be called friends? Just tell me the truth, whether it hurts me or you get in trouble. 100% of the time I won’t be mad at you if you tell the truth. It’s lying that will make me angry, so be honest. I’ll respect you and I’ll appreciate it because lying is unproductive.

Unnecessary Touching

Whether we know each other or not, please keep the physical contact between your body and mine to a minimum. I would very much like to only touch or be touched by another human being when necessary. A hug when greeting or to express congratulations is fine. A hand shake for greeting strangers is totally okay. A little kiss on the cheek for greeting? Unless you’re Portuguese (because that’s how most greet) it’s too much, a hug would’ve sufficed. I understand that touching is often times used to express love and don’t be offended if I reject your act of physical affection, I still love you, but touching really invades my personal space and I don’t appreciate the invasion. Also, can strangers stop touching me in public, especially those nasty men at the clubs? It’s disgusting, stop. I’m not an object, I’m a human being. If you want my attention, earn it politely. I don’t understand why men think it’s okay to touch women whichever way they like. It’s not okay. You don’t own my body. Remove yourself from the mentality that you’re entitled to anybody else’s body but your own. Please.

Few things irk me in life, but these 5 really get those angry juices flowing. So if you want to be my friend, please don’t do these 5 things. Actually, 4 things to be more accurate because hunger is all on me.

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