Day 26: Things I Don’t Understand

In life, one will comes across actions, scenarios, behaviour, and phenomena that one cannot understand the core reason for existing or occurring. They rattle you. You wrack your brain trying to understand them. It drives you crazy. Logically, it doesn’t make sense to you. Today, I’m going to tell you about them.

1.  Why is it that when you tell someone you don’t eat meat they tell you about how much meat they eat. What’s your point, my friend? Who gives a fcuk how much meat you eat. Why are you telling me this? You found me not eating meat, you asked me why, I told you I don’t eat meat, then you proceeded to tell me how much meat you eat? Why? I didn’t ask you. What exactly are you trying to prove? When you tell me you eat a lot of meat are you trying to explain to me that you could never not meat or are you trying to convince me to eat meat? I genuinely don’t understand. It does not make sense to me. I get it, you eat meat. Unlike you, I didn’t ask, but okay man. Congrats.

2.  Here’s another vegan/vegetarian related question. Why, after you tell people you don’t eat meat they ask you if you eat chicken, fish, or pork. I just said I don’t eat meat. Beef is not the only meat. Fish is not a vegetable. Chicken is not a fruit. Pork is not a legume. They’re all meat. Why are you asking me if I eat these meats after I explicitly tell you that I don’t eat meat? Am I missing something here? Do you not see chicken and fish as meat? What do you see these as then?

3.  What is fire? I mean, I know what fire is. I could identify it if I saw it but what exactly is fire? You know how when you ask what something is there is a proper explanation for what it? For instance, a human body is 60% water and is made up of organs, muscles and bones which are made up of long chains of amino acids, polysaccharides, and fatty acids and glycerol. I know fire produces light and heat and I know that it requires a fuel, oxygen, and heat to be produced. I also hear that it’s made up of carbon dioxide, water vapour, oxygen, and nitrogen reacting with each other and doing things but what exactly is the reaction? Someone draw me a Lewis structure of the chemical reaction between these elements and compounds. Someone give me a physics/chemistry lesson on fire. I want to understand it.

4. What is space? I don’t mean space with the planets and galaxies and aliens I mean space as in that gap between two objects. What exactly is that? Because everything is made up of matter correct? Correct. And all matter is made up of particles. But these particles have spaces between them so what are these spaces made up of!? Is it anti matter? What is anti matter? I want to know.

5. If you watch Game of Thrones you know about Cersei and Jaime Lannister. IThis would only be a spoiler if you’ve never watched the show and you’re planning to, but they are twins, however, they’re in love with each other and have a bunch of children together. Now, my question is, how the fcuk do their children not have any incest related disease? Why wasn’t Joffrey retarded? Why didn’t Tommen have a misshapen head? With that level of incest where siblings have children with each other, twin siblings no less, how can the offspring come out a-okay with no genetic mutations or deformities? How? It’s kind of absurd. George R. R. Martin needs to explain.

6. Why do you get a headache after an intense session of crying? I understand why you feel tired after crying because releasing such amounts of emotional energy is draining but why do you also get a headache? Is it just me? Do others not get headaches? Is it because you’ve expelled the toxic negative emotions behind why you started crying in the first place? Because, I mean, that’s why you feel better after crying; you’ve released the sorrow and pain. I read once that when you detox your body it can cause headaches and migraines and what’s crying but an emotional detox. So is that it? Are headaches the side effect of a detox? I would like an explanation.

These are a few of many things I don’t understand and they are by no means rhetorical questions so if someone out there can answer these then please, bless me with your knowledge.

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