Day 24: What Gets Me Up in the Morning

It’s easy to wake up. It happens automatically when your body is fully rested, the alarm goes off, or you just can’t sleep anymore. Waking up really isn’t the problem. The problem is getting out of bed. Removing yourself from the safe, warm confines of your pillows and duvet is probably one of the hardest things you have to do each day.

I was asked what get’s me out of bed in the morning which got me wondering, and unfortunately, the conclusion I came to was not something profound. It’s simple. I need to pee.

When I wake up in the morning the thing that gets me out of bed is my incessant need to urinate. More often than not, my full bladder is the reason why I wake up in the first place. Once my bladder has been emptied, I either go back to bed or I get up and start the day. If I have no plans and obligations I go back to bed (depending on the time) but if I do, well, I have to attend to those obligations.

I suppose that when I was asked this question it was asked assuming I have no real obligations to attend to for the day. Why do I get up in the morning when I have no real need to leave my bed? Is that the real question here? I’m assuming that it is.

If that’s the real question, my answer is still pretty simple and lacking in any inspirational potency. I don’t like to waste my time and energy in the morning. I work my best in the early hours of the day. In a perfect world, I would do everything I need to do for the day before 13:00 so that I could spend my afternoons relaxing with nothing to stress or prepare for. Hence, the driving force that pushes me out of my bed is the desire to not spend my most productive hours of the day doing nothing.

Moreover, it’s the desire to not only have a productive morning but also a productive day. Because there’s nothing worse than going to bed knowing that you didn’t spend the 24 hours you were given wisely. I’m not even talking about working the whole day or actually “doing” something. If your plan was to spend your entire day binge watching Suits or playing the Sims and you did that, that was a productive day. You see, it’s not so much what you do that determines whether or not that day was productive but more so your intention for that day and whether or not you met it. Like I said if your intention was to chill and watch series all day and you did that, you had a productive day. If you set out to work on and complete a task and you did that, your day was just as productive. The point of the matter is, did you do what you set out to do? Oh, you did? Great, 100 points to Gryffindor! You had yourself a productive day.

So, to answer your question simply, @nama.fu, I get out of bed in the morning so that I can productively spend the 24 hours I was given doing something. It doesn’t matter what that something is, as long as I do it.

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