Day 20: Writer’s Block

Can we just talk about the struggles of a creative for a sec?

Can we just take a minute to understand that ideas aren’t always floating around in our head and we don’t always have something profound to say or create. Sometimes we get wrapped up in the everyday mundane shit we have to do because we’re trying to be productive members of society so that we can be free to do the creative things we actually want to do without getting questioned by our families or peers. However, doing the mundane can sometimes make us fatigued and worn out. Sometimes we can’t think and all we want to do is sleep but we have certain obligations that prevent us from doing that. You see, we made a promise to write for 30 consecutive days but it’s day 20 and we’ve run out of ideas.

The “we” in this scenario is, of course, myself if you haven’t already guessed. Yes, sometimes I refer to myself as more than one person because sometimes I feel like I am more than one person. No, I’m not a Gemini and no, I’m not bipolar nor do I have that disorder that James McAvoy played in the film “Split.” Have you watched “Split?” It’s a really good movie, I highly recommend you watch it. James McAvoy is an incredibly talented performer. Sometimes I feel like I’m more than one person because I am, like we all are, a multifaceted human being. Being the complex people that we are, I feel that each facet is it’s own person because it very well could be. Each aspect of ourselves is so deep and interesting that it could be an entire person by itself, so no, as much as this sounds exactly like the plot of “Split” it really isn’t. We’re just complex. We’re just human.

I got quite sidetracked but what I’m trying to say is that this writing for 30 days straight thing is starting to get to me and I’m pretty exhausted. Moreover, I have the HUGEST writer’s block and have nothing to talk about. I’m currently lacking in inspiration and I’m not so sure why but I’m sure there’s a good enough reason. If you have any cool tips on finding that inspiration that gets the juices flowing please give me a shout on whichever social platform you prefer, including this one. Additionally, if you could give me ideas on what to write about that would be amazing. I mean it isn’t cheating if I ask for help right? I’m still writing am I not? I’m just asking for a topic to write about. It ain’t a thing. What do you want to know? What do you want me to write about? What do you want to know about me? Please let me know! I would deeply appreciate it.

Random fun fact: I previously named my blog “Writer’s Block” before I finally decided on “Salted Butter.” I technically still even have the old domain of “Writer Block” but if you search for it on the internet you won’t find it because I don’t leave behind evidence. I would make a good murderer. Can I say that on the internet? Can I confess that I have the potential to kill someone on a platform where all information posted on it lasts forever for future employers to discover and decide whether or not they’ll hire me depending on what they find? Is that a good idea? Probably not but let’s try our luck and see what happens. Perhaps my future employers will appreciate my honesty. Dear future employer, if you’re reading this, please hire me. Thank you.

We push boundaries here on Salted Butter. We confess to the dark parts of ourselves that could do malicious things and we become vegan because we’re curious and bored with our lives. We also know how to humbly ask for help when we’re stumped and have writer’s block *cough cough* Once again I urge you to please let me know what you want me to write about. Contact me on all social media platforms, WhatsApp me, email me even! Just tell me what you would want me to write about. I’d truly appreciate it. We only have 10 days left of this challenge. I’d really like these last few days to be an exciting and enjoyable time.

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