Day 19: Patience

Patience is the key to getting solid results.

If you want to succeed, you have to have patience.

Results don’t just appear after a single day of working and pushing yourself hard. It’s continuous effort, practice, determination, and fighting for what you want day in and day out for a long period of time. But even then you might not see results and that’s where faith and patience come in.

You have to believe that you will see results and you have to have the patience to wait for those results to materialise. You have to have the patience to keep going because as soon as you stop working, you fail. Patience prevents you from giving up because having patience is knowing that whatever result you want will come to fruition, you just have to wait. This is promised, of course, as long as you’re putting in that work. Because if you’re sitting around, waiting for success to walk through the door but you’re not putting in any actual work to obtain it, you’re going to be waiting forever. Once you’re putting in that effort, you’re guaranteed success but you have to be patient because results take time.

Having patience is the only thing that will get you through those dry spells and plateaus where you feel like you’re not making much progress but you’re working hard. Because like I said, patience is the reassurance that things will work out. Forget the stress, worry, and frustration. Results will come because you’re sowing seeds of work and effort so just wait for those seeds to germinate and grow. Patience is what will get you through. Patience is what will make you succeed. Those seeds are growing, you just can’t see them yet. They haven’t reached the surface, just wait and be patient.

This is a very short post because I’m really struggling to find the words to express myself. I’ve recently come to the realisation that having patience is probably one of the most important traits to have to successfully see results. Too easily, we give up before we can see legitimate results because we’re impatient. With things moving at such a fast pace in this day and age, when we don’t immediately see results, we give up because we’re so used to receiving things we want with ease and swiftness. However, when it comes to the really good stuff… You know, the things that matter. The things that are worth it… Patience is key because good things take time and I just want you to remember that.

So whatever it is you’re working on, be it physical, mental, or emotional, as long as you’re putting in the required amount of work, results will follow. It may come tomorrow, in a week, a month, or a year but the results will follow. That is a guarantee. Just be patient.

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