Day 16: The 5 Best Things About Being Vegan

Today I’m coming at you with some propaganda to make you go vegan. I’m only joking, this isn’t propaganda. This is actually the truth and it’s the 5 amazing things I’ve experienced as a vegan. No lie, no bullshit, just raw honesty.

1. Weight melts off

The second you become vegan, you lose weight. It happens within the first month of becoming vegan. It’s not anything to stress about because when you think about it logically, it makes sense. Animal products are higher in calories and more calorie dense than plant based foods. Once you get rid of the food so calorie dense your body will naturally get rid of excess weight without you having to do any exercise. However, this weight loss only lasts a couple of months until your body adjusts to the new type of food you’re eating. Thereafter, you just maintain a constant weight.

2. You feel incredible

As long as you’re eating enough calories and the correct amount of macronutrients you feel like a superhero. You have energy, you feel clean, and you feel healthy. The feeling is not something you can quantitatively describe and to truly understand it you should experience it for yourself but the best way I can describe it is that feeling of vitality after waking up from a really good nap. That’s how you start to feel all the time when you become vegan.

3. You’re regular

Talking about bowel movements can be a little awkward but it’s highly important because having regular bowel movements is essential for optimal health. When you become vegan you will notice that you become incredibly regular. Plant based foods are much higher in fibre than animal derived food and a standard vegan diet contains 3x more fibre than a standard omnivorous diet. You know when you have the perfect bowel movement? When you take that perfect dump that slides down with ease and that requires minimal wiping afterwards? The one that makes you feel refreshed, light, and renewed after going to the bathroom? That’s the type of number 2 you do every day on a vegan diet. Indigestion does not exist as a vegan. As long as you’re eating correctly.

4. You don’t miss animal food

You probably think I’m lying but I’m not because honestly, truly, from the bottom of my heart, I don’t miss animal products. Vegan food is VERSATILE. There is so much variety! Craving pizza? We got it. WITH CHEESE. Craving ice cream? Got it. Burgers? Got it. Nachos? Got it. Steak? Kinda got it but it’s a work in progress. Cheesecake? GOT IT. Yes, in the beginning, you will crave meat and dairy but once you find the alternatives, you won’t ever miss the real stuff especially if you’re eating a well-balanced diet of enough nutrients and calories.

5. It’s exciting

You know that song “A Whole New World” from Aladdin? That song is about veganism. Don’t believe me? Google the lyrics. You’ll find that being vegan feels exactly like what Aladdin and Princess Jasmine are singing about because the vegan community and lifestyle is truly a whole other reality. You’ll find an entire community on all platforms including Instagram, YouTube and Facebook that you never thought existed. Once you dive deeper into the vegan game you learn so much about so many things. You discover so many new and exciting options to the point where you can’t wait to try out that vegan restaurant or make your own ice cream even if you don’t like cooking. To your surprise, you find that the vegan life is just a giant party of Oreos, funny memes, and saving animals. It’s full of light and positivity mixed in with a deep level of wokeness about the truth behind the animal and dairy farming, fashion and cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. It truly is exciting.

These are just the 5 best things I’ve personally discovered since adopting the vegan lifestyle. It isn’t to say that you will experience all of these things or that you won’t. Everybody’s body responds differently, but this is quite a general list of things I’ve noticed 90% of vegans experience.

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