Day 15: Acts of Self Love

An act of self-love is giving yourself time to prepare for an endeavour that will be emotionally, physically, or mentally taxing.

It’s giving yourself a break, staying in your pyjamas and binge watching your favourite series with your favourite snacks on hand.

An act of self-love is allowing yourself to feel all emotion without judgment.

It’s apologising to yourself for thinking those negative thoughts about your body. It’s forgiving, accepting, and taking care of yourself with the same love and attention you would a child.

An act of self-love is washing off the dirt and grime that has accumulated on your face at the end of a long day.

It’s taking a long, hot steaming shower, washing your hair, moisturising, and giving yourself a pedicure.

An act of self-love is recognising the successes in your failures.

It’s being okay with the fact that you don’t know what you’re doing or where you’re going in life. Knowing that it’s okay to feel lost because it means you’re moving somewhere.

An act of self-love is embracing your growth through all its stages.

It’s understanding that things won’t always be fine but knowing that you always will be.

An act of self-love is saying “no” to people who will not bring positivity and light into your life and saying “no” to things that will not help you grow.

An act of self-love is taking care of your body by caring about what you put into it.

An act of self-love is starting over.

It’s rearranging your bedroom, getting rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore, and changing your hairstyle.

It’s redefining yourself on your own terms. It’s getting rid of things that do not bring you peace and discovering what does.

An act of self-love is to do unto you as you would do unto the ones you love.



If you don’t know Namafu, she’s an incredible blogger and a positively wonderful human being who introduced me to the blogging challenge. When I was gathering questions for my Q&A she asked me what my favourite act of self-love is. I couldn’t choose just one, so I decided to write about all my favourite ones in an individual post. Because self-love is important.

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