Day 9: 3 Healthy Habits

If there were ever only 3 healthy habits I could advise you to have, like the only 3 healthy things you can do and you can’t practise any other, it would be these 3 things. These 3 things are basically the be all and end all of all healthy habits. These, in my humble opinion, are basically the only 3 healthy habits you need to have to live a good life.

1. Drink Water

This is such an obvious one, yet one thing so many people, including myself, struggle to do. Drink water. Stay Hydrated. It’s so damn important ya’ll. Your body is 60% water. Water is the medium for a lot of good and bad stuff to travel around your body so without it, you can’t reap the benefits of the good stuff and you can’t get rid of the bad stuff. Additionally, water solves so many problems! Constipated? Drink water. Acne? Drink water. Headache? Drink water. Diarrhea? Drink water. Dry skin? Drink water. Sick? Drink water. DRINK WATER. I don’t, however, mean drink one glass of water a day and you’re good. That’s not going to work. Saturate your body. Down that shit. 2 litres of water a day, my friend. Drink it.

2. Floss

Quick backstory: I had braces in the past. One time when my braces were being removed and replaced and all that orthodontic stuff was happening in my mouth, the orthodontist chipped my tooth and left it exposed. Years later, with only flossing my teeth the day before a dentist appointment even though I know I should do it every day, I develop a cavity. Come April of 2017, dentist man tells me I need to get a filling. He also tells me I need to floss because flossing is actually way more important than brushing your teeth. I think nothing of it I’m like, “A filling? Whatevs.” Then the day to get the filling finally arrives… It wasn’t the worst dental experience of my life because I’ve been through the most when it comes to my teeth and my mouth, but it was unpleasant enough for me to really be mad at myself for not flossing. All that pain and discomfort could have easily been avoided had I been more disciplined with my oral hygiene routine. Now, I floss every single day because I never want to get fillings in my teeth ever again, they’re the fvcking worst. It’s also really important to take care of your teeth because you really don’t want to have them falling out prematurely. Additionally, I don’t know if you’ve realised this, but dental care is expensive. Moreover, if you don’t have teeth, how are you going to EAT!? You gotta take these things into consideration. You gotta take care of your teeth. You gotta floss.

3. Eat Your Veggies

Simple as, fam. Eat your veggies. You don’t even need to eat fruit (although… come on bruh, eat your fruit), just make sure your vegetable game is on point. Spinach, potatoes, food that’s considered a vegetable but is actually a fruit like bell peppers… All these foods are so important. They are FULL of vitamins and minerals that help your body fight diseases, function properly, and keep you looking fly AF. I don’t care if you don’t like them or if they don’t taste nice just eat them. Do you think I like the taste of spinach? That shit is bland AF and the texture? Whack. But I eat it. I put it in everything, because I know it’s healthy. It’s full of fibre and nutrients and all the good stuff that keep me alive and healthy. For as long as I’m alive, I want to be healthy because how am I supposed to live my best life if I’m not. Eat. Your. Vegetables.

This is, to me, the holy trinity of healthy habits. These are the only 3 things you need to do to live your healthiest life. Okay, perhaps you need a little more to live your healthiest life but these three are definitely a start.

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  1. hafoblogs says:

    Omw, I love your blog so much.

    1. Zoa Wustrow says:

      You’re too kind, thank you!

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