30 Day Blogging Challenge. Day 1

“Blog about anything.”

I’ve been struggling with this a lot recently because I’ve been so focused and centred around blogging about food. I have put myself in this tiny, confining box that, although fun, is quite limiting. I tried to get out of the box a bit and write about health and lifestyle yet, I still felt confined. Despite my claustrophobic feeling I struggle to step out of that box. There’s comfort in knowing exactly what to write about. But nothing good comes from comfort zones.

To blog about anything kind of feels overwhelming. What could I write about? Anything, Zoa! Literally anything. Yet, given the freedom, I suddenly have writer’s block and have nothing to talk about. But how? I’m in my head all day thinking of theories, ideas,  places, people, personal experiences, and personal opinions.

But do people really want to read about it? About me? About my life? My experiences at work? My favourite songs? My favourite artists? What makes me cry? Why I get up every morning? Why zombies scare the shit out of me? Is this stuff even interesting? Am I even interesting? I don’t know.

I think the reason why writing about anything overwhelms me so is because it brings up my insecurity of wondering if people find me boring. I often wonder if people find me, Zoa Wustrow, an interesting human being. It’s probably the social anxiety bringing these negative doubts to thought but they’re there. According to my friends, I’m not a boring person. According to the blog posts that get the most views, you like reading about my life. Yet I still wonder, am I boring? Do people even care?

I don’t know but I’d like to overcome this insecurity. Which brings me to the point of this post. For the month of July, I shall be taking part in the 30 Day Blogging Challenge which was first brought to my attention by the amazing Namafu of the Shameless Wanderer blog. I am very much inspired by Namafu. I love her blog, her writing style and her hustles. She’s a phenomenal human being and I swear you will waste no time reading her blog.

The 30-day blogging challenge is exactly what it sounds like. Blogging for 30 consecutive days. Simple right? Ha! We’ll see. *nervous laughter* Not only will this challenge test my insecurities but it will challenge my writing, procrastination habits, and my laziness. It is also the perfect exercise in writing about anything so whatever happens, I have nothing to lose.

Today is day 1. Thank you for reading. I hope you’ll be here tomorrow and for the rest of this month embarking on this 30-day challenge with me. It’s going to be an interesting ride because I’m like Jon Snow. I know nothing. Seriously, I don’t know what I’m going to write about.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. This seems like a pretty good challeng dear! I was feeling exactly the same as you, and I also decided to step out of my comfort zone. Best decision ever 🙂

    1. Zoa Wustrow says:

      Oh, I’m so happy it worked out for you that’s awesome! I hope I achieve just as great results as you did

  2. Jennifer Pompaski says:

    Just stumbled on this! Even reading this shows you are not boring! I’m on a 30 day blog challenge and it’s indeed a challenge! I haven’t been consistent but come rain, come sun I’ll finish it! I’ll come back to your blog when I wake up to see how it went. I’m sure I’ll read some very interesting things!

    1. Zoa Wustrow says:

      Hi Jennifer, I’m glad you enjoyed my 30 day blog challenge and I’m glad that you’re taking part in it too! It really is a challenge. I’ll check out your blog and see your progress 🙂

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