Month 8


So recently I have been complaining about brittle nails, dry and lackluster skin skin and a flaky scalp. I knew I was missing something in my diet but I had no idea what. A number of people said I’m probably deficient in iron or vitamin B. And although I must be weary of these two vital nutrients and the high likelihood of me developing deficiencies because of this lifestyle, a deficiency in vitamin B and iron was not the main cause for my physical troubles. I did my research, as thoroughly as I cared to do so and I came to the sound conclusion that my biggest deficiency right now is actually essential fatty acids (you know, all those Omega healthy fats), just as my mother expected. Guys, let this be a lesson: listen to your mother. She’s knows what shes talking about. Most times.

Understanding the cause of my physical deterioration was not an easy thing to do because I had to face the truth that I’ve been trying to ignore and deny with my whole soul for the past 8 months and that is that I need to take supplements. That means drinking a tablespoon of flax seed oil every day and taking a vitamin B complex pill. A few months into the vegan game I decided I would not take any pills or medication or supplements or “help” for the rest of the year until the experiment was over. Despite my current predicament  I will continue to not take any supplements for the rest of this year until the end of this experiment because I made a vow to myself and to you the people living vicariously through me to not take any extra “help” because I do believe that if you eat well enough you won’t need any supplementation. I am, however, slowly beginning to lose faith in that belief what with the embarrassingly sad length of my fingernails, the paleness of my cheeks and the itchy dryness of my back. I understand that it is virtually impossible to get all the necessary nutrients from fruit and vegetables alone and that there is nothing wrong with vital supplementation as even all the cool vegans I watch on YouTube do it. BUT I shall push onwards and hopefully upwards as I try to up my intake of the fatty acids, B vitamins, and iron in the form of all the nuts, all the seeds, all the avo, all the fortified cereals and all the spinach, among other things because I’m not done pushing my body to the dangerous, teetering on insane (because apparently a severe deficiency in B vitamins can literally make you go insane) limit. And if this happens to kill me although it’s incredibly unlikely, then so be it. But seriously, death is super unlikely and I read that vitamin B12 stores can last for up to a year in the body so I’ve got 4 good months left to turn this situation around. And hopefully I’ll do just that.

Wish me luck as I almost quite possibly ruin my body to a point of difficult recovery for the sake of fake science and pure curiosity.

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  1. Thalia says:

    I’ve also been avoiding taking supplements but it’s got to the point now where I feel I will benefit so much more from taking them so I’ve just ordered some, don’t know how long I will keep it up for…

    1. I get you. To be honest I can’t wait till I can take supplements. It’ll just be easier. But then again I like the idea of just taking care of myself with food.

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