Months 6 and 7


Life has been quite real recently what with exams and matric farewell, otherwise known as prom, so I never got the chance to do an update on the being vegan thing for the 6th month so today I will give you an overview of month 6 and 7.

After watching the holy trinity of vegan documentaries: Cowspiracy, Forks over Knives and Earthlings this vegan experiment might easily turn into a vegan lifestyle. I am on the verge of permanently identifying as a vegan. Period. Without correcting people and saying that this is just an experiment to see what being vegan is like and that it might become a permanent thing. However, the only thing stopping me from doing it is that to say that I am actually a full time vegan is scary because it is such a tremendous commitment. Moreover, I continue to write monthly updates about my journey on the blog and to say that I am a full fledged vegan would mean the journey is over and I have reached the destination so writing updates would no longer be necessary and subsequently, the experiment would come to a premature end. Of course, once I do become fully vegan, I will still update on the blog, but significantly less often, and limiting them to only when something noteworthy happens. Therefore, I first want to finish the experiment and be vegan for a year before I become a vegan forever because I pride myself in finishing what I start.

Back to the topic of these documentaries. If you are interested in the vegan life and the reasons why people become vegan please do watch them. They are incredibly thought provoking and informative. If you have no way of watching them and you live in the Windhoek area, hit me up and I will come through for you. The reason why I became vegan was to understand why people become vegan and after watching these three documentaries I have come to understand the reasons why people become vegan. People become vegan for 3 primary reasons:the environment, health, and morality. Cowspiracy thoroughly explains the environmental issues that stem from the meat and dairy industry and after watching it I understood exactly why people become vegan for environmental reasons. Forks over Knives clearly dissects the health implications of eating an omnivorous diet versus a herbivorous one. With that I understood why people become vegan for health reasons. Earthlings perfectly brought attention to the moral aspects of consuming animal products. After watching it I understood completely why people become vegan for moral reasons.

With that, I basically understand why people become vegan. So I’ve solved a part of the reason why I started this experiment in the first place. But it does not mean that my experiment is over because I am still trying to discover what this lifestyle does to my body and the social consequences of this lifestyle.

Physically, something very interesting has occurred. I do believe my taste buds have changed. Let me explain. Before making the switch, vegetables tasted bland and boring. I hated eating vegetables on their own without any dressing or salt. For example, in the past I could not eat tomatoes by themselves. However, since becoming vegan, I can actually taste my food and taste the flavour of tomatoes. Completely. Tomatoes actually have flavour, guys! Cherry tomatoes are incredibly flavoursome and juicy. I am absolutely in love with them. I could easily eat a bowl of cherry tomatoes on their own and be so happy. Same goes for ordinary tomatoes and peppers and a myriad of other previously tasteless vegetables. I don’t know what it is exactly that has enabled me to taste the actual taste of fruit and vegetables but I guess it has to do with the fact that… Honestly, I have no clue. But I highly appreciate it. I’ve discovered the natural sweetness of so many fruit and vegetables. It’s crazy how naturally sweet and flavoursome so many vegetables are. They’re delicious! And I no longer need as much salt, sugar or dressing on my food anymore because I can now taste the natural flavour of my food and be satisfied with it. It’s weird but wonderful.

The only negative physical side effect that I have noticed is that recently, my nails have been chipping and breaking easily and my scalp is slightly dry. I’m not so sure why this is happening. It could be my diet or perhaps that I do not drink enough water every single day or it could be stress from school. I am however, looking into it. But on the bright side. my skin is still clear and tasty and I have no problems with it at all. On another positive note, I have not become sick this winter! So I’m pretty happy. 🙂

Socially, it’s actually been pretty dope. Many people have come to me and said that they are now considering going vegan and I am absolutely thrilled by it. To get more people talking about and practicing veganism is absolutely amazing because veganism is absolutely amazing. Some people have actually decided to make the change to veganism as well. And that brings so much joy to my heart because I did not expect this experiment to have such an impact on so many people’s lives. So, I would just like to thank every single person who actually reads this and all of my other updates and who is following me on my journey. Thank you. I appreciate the support and every question or comment you pose be it in real life or online. You are all golden superstars!


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  1. Marthinus Kotze says:

    Friend recommended this blog to me. Also recently gone Vegan. Started like two weeks ago and so far I’m loving it. For the nails chipping I think you might be lacking in Vitamin B complex, especially Vit B12, also deficiency in Iron, and Zinc can also cause chipping of nails (

    1. Hey that’s amazing!
      I’m happy for you. It’s fabulous.

      That’s an interesting theory. I have been looking into the whole nail chipping skin and scalp dryness thing. I looked at my diet and I don’t think iron and zinc are a problem. As I would have probably suffered more symptoms like tiredness and weakness if a lack of those minerals was the cause. Vit B12 could be something I should probably stock up more on. I actually spoke to my mother about it and she said it could be a lack of essential fatty acids. So I’m currently stocking up on the seeds nuts and avos and consuming them in a manner that will guarantee maximum absorption into my body so I’ll see how it goes after a couple of months.
      But thank you very much for the advice and I’ll continue to look into it.
      Good Luck with your journey!

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