5 Months In

We’re heading into winter and that means flu season.

I don’t always get sick during winter but I get sick about twice a year and most times it happens in winter. Since going vegan I went a step further in the natural “hippie” way of life and decided that I wouldn’t be taking medication or any vitamin supplement for the rest of the year. That includes any multivitamin including vitamin B complex which vegans so “desperately” need. On a slightly unrelated yet still relevant note, I don’t believe in that thing that vegans need to take a vitamin B supplement. I believe that if you’re eating properly you don’t need to take extra B vitamins or iron supplements even as a vegan because you will be receiving sufficient nutrients from your food if you eat well. But back to the medication thing. I decided I would not take any pills or potions and I would let Mother Nature heal me. (I sound like such a hippie. Oh my goodness.) But yes, that was the plan. And it was going swell until I got sick in May. It was stressed induced though and wasn’t caused by any virus or bacteria, just bad old fashioned stress. It was horrible and painful. I had the worst headache of my life and I felt if I didn’t take any meds I would most certainly die. I knew I got sick because of stress so I stopped stressing and I got better. (After sedating myself with seven million painkillers) I learned an incredibly important lesson from that: You can eat as healthy as ever and you can exercise as much as you want but if you do not stop stressing you will still get sick. Stress is poison to your body and it will kill you. So for the love of all things beautiful please stop stressing!

Since I stopped stressing I never got sick again and I went back to the whole no medicine thing. I’ve been doing great. Now that winter is rolling in however, this is when I’ll be faced with the real challenge of staying healthy. I plan on not getting sick this winter and if I do, I plan on healing myself with my food. Like they say, “Eat your medicine.” And that is exactly what I’m going to. I have a plan and I set out a whole list of foods rich in various vitamins and minerals, foods to boost the immune system and natural remedies for things like a runny nose, sore throat and the common cold. I am fully equipped and ready to take on this winter. But thanks to global warming this won’t be as daunting a challenge as it originally would have been since winters are becoming significantly less cold. Nevertheless, it is still a challenge.

I’ve promised myself that if I do not get sick this winter due to natural causes like bacteria and viruses and completely excluding stress because that’s my bad and if I do not get sick for the rest of this year then I will be vegan for the rest of my life. After this year long experiment is over, though I’ll probably still get my KFC and sushi because that is how I planned on ending the experiment and I’ll probably be a meat eater while I’m at culinary school if I can’t find a loophole but for the most part and when I’m done with culinary school I will be vegan for the rest of my life.

But for now, wish me luck as I try not to get sick this winter and I hope you don’t get sick this winter either.

Many Blessings

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    1. Waffles are life 😍🙌

  1. You might successfully survive the year without it, but please read up on why Vitamin B12 is important. I am Vegan myself and I was facing many health problems before I finally decided to take a daily B12 supplement. WhatsApp me if you have questions +264812151274

    1. I will definitely do a bit more extensive research on the topic and I think at a time I will take a vitamin B12 supplement but for now I’m basically just seeing what happens to my body if I just eat my vitamins and minerals and if I can in fact survive without it as there are B vitamins in nutritional yeast so I’m hoping taking supplements won’t be necessary. But thank you so much for your contact I will definitely hit you up if I have any questions .

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