3 Months In


Vegan for three months. Feels like forever while simultaneously feeling like it’s only been a day. I feel like I’ve been vegan my whole life but then when I think of people who have been vegan for years and years and years 3 months is nothing. I feel like a veteran but I’m a rookie.

People are still as supportive as ever which I always appreciate. And I am happy to say that I found some decent vegan meals at a few restaurants. Yaeli’s Bistro at Maerua Mall has quite a number of healthy, delicious, wholesome vegan salads, pitas and smoothies. Wilde Eend Bistro has an amazingly filling and flavoursome veggie wrap. News Café has avo on toast, which, compared to other meals and restaurants, is kind of basic but the portion is huge and will fill you up real nice and good. And then RocoMamas has an amazing veggie burger patty and is such great comfort food. So, you know, there are options available.

I never even liked KFC when I wasn’t vegan but I am craving the hell out of Zinger Wings and a Box Master and I don’t understand why. KFC always gave me heartburn and made me feel like complete garbage when I ate it and I would avoid it at all costs but now that’s all I want to eat. I don’t crave sushi or ice cream or yogurt or chicken or bacon or even a steak. I just want KFC. The first meal I have after this experiment is over will definitely come from KFC and I’m going to eat so much and I’m going to feel so horrible afterwards and I probably wont eat KFC after that for a very long time but I will be happy.

If you remember what I said in my last progress report being vegan is not only about what you eat but also about how you live your life. You can’t buy cosmetic products or any other products that were tested on animals and you can’t wear anything made from an animal. Finding cruelty free body products weren’t as big of a challenge as I had initially thought but two things I could not find was deodorant and toothpaste. So, I did what I had to do. I made my own. And it wasn’t even that hard. As long as you have coconut oil and bicarbonate of soda then you are sorted. The roll-on deodorant is quite a complicated situation. It’s kind of runny at room temperature so I have to keep it in the fridge at all times so that it can be hard and usable. Despite it’s messed up consistency, it does it’s job and that’s all that really matters. Plus, because it’s mostly coconut oil and Shea butter it’s incredibly moisturising which I love. The toothpaste is… interesting. It does not foam up like commercial toothpaste which is something to get used to and the taste is also somewhat “acquired.” It’s incredibly salty but that may just be my fault because I looked at the ingredients of the recipe without looking at the measurements and I just did me so it’s probably my own laziness that made it so salty. But it does it’s job regardless. Combining oil pulling with this toothpaste and normal flossing is a fantastic combination though, and my teeth look and feel pretty great. I will go to the dentist after a few months of this to see what the professional says about the condition of my teeth and general oral hygiene just to make sure I’m not ruining my life doing this.

Physically, I still feel great and clean and healthy and have no complaints. I still have not experienced anything negative to my physical wellbeing and I’m beginning to think I was born to be vegan. *gasp* But hey, we’ll see if that changes after a few months.

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  1. Ritta khiba says:

    So proud to have read and see what you do Zoa! Food enthusiast hey! Go girl am 100% in support.

    1. Thank you so much! And thank you for the support. It means a lot!

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