It’s been a month


I’m a month into being a vegan and during the third week I began to have my first cravings for meat. It was hard. My mother made a lot of chicken that week. I almost died but I struggled on and ate my veggies and hummus. Key to not caving and eating the wrong food: always stay full. That way you’re less likely to be tempted by food you can’t eat. Also, hummus is a dip made by the gods. I can’t get enough of it. Whether it’s the old classic or a fun variation hummus is my lifeblood. Seriously. If you want to make me happy right now, buy me some chickpeas, some fresh vegetable juice and maybe a gift voucher from the Body Shop. These are the things that currently bring me joy.

I have also recently had my first dream about meat and it was a nightmare. Long story short: A friend offered me a plate of Nando’s chicken and I ate it and immediately felt deep regret and sorrow. When I woke up I was extremely upset with myself because the dream felt scarily real and I genuinely thought I did actually eat chicken. Since then I have been quite paranoid that I am eating animal products without knowing it and frankly that’s scarier than consciously eating chicken. Perhaps another factor adding to my paranoia is that most of my meals have been delicious and maybe I still subconsciously think that only food with some sort of animal product in it can taste so good. Another fear of mine is that when I go to restaurants and order something but make it vegan by saying “without cheese” or “no mayo” it still has some animal product that I’m forgetting or can’t immediately see or notice. Hopefully all these fears are irrational and will pass over time. Hopefully… I mean it has to right? It has to… Somebody please tell me it’s going to be alright!

Vegetable juice is my new best friend now. I had had vegetable juices before I turned vegan and honestly, I thought they were pretty gross but now I can’t get enough. Vegetable juice can literally make my day. Woolworths cold pressed vegetable juices may cost more than a golden Lamborghini but golly miss molly are they good. And if I can’t get my hands on that then the vegetable juices at HappyMe are the next best thing. I haven’t gotten round to making my own which I assume would be cheaper and maybe even better but school takes up most of my energy and I could not be bothered. I don’t know why vegetable juice has only appealed to me since becoming vegan. Maybe vegetable juice is an acquired taste and I’ve only gotten used to it now. Or maybe being vegan has given me a high tolerance to food that makes me feel bad which includes some types of fruit juices and vegetable juice makes me feel the same way Popeye feels after he eats spinach.

I have to be honest with you, I haven’t felt any massive changes in the way I feel since becoming vegan but I think it is because before I became vegan I was already eating less meat and more vegetables so the change from non-vegan to vegan was not as drastic as it could have been or as difficult is it could be for others. However, people have commented that I have lost some weight. I didn’t believe them until I weighed myself and found out that I’ve lost about 1kg since becoming vegan. I was already losing weight before the experiment started but I guess people have only noticed now and are blaming it on the diet. The diet may be playing a role though because I’ve been partaking in nearly zero physical activity whatsoever but still losing weight. Despite the weight loss I would not recommend the vegan lifestyle as a diet for losing weight. It takes healthy eating, tonnes of exercise and a whole bunch of other things a qualified dietitian would be happy to tell you about if you payed them to successfully lose weight. But if you’re looking to gain energy and feel lighter, better, and “cleaner” maybe becoming vegan would be just the thing you need. I do feel like I’ve gained more energy and my body feels incredibly clean and healthy and I generally feel like I’m doing my body a favour by being vegan so that’s great. I have yet to experience any set backs or negatives but I will keep you updated with monthly progress reports.

For now I wish you a very good day and I will be hitting this space up with some vegan and non-vegan recipes soon so stay tuned and remember to eat your fruit and vegetables. They’re important!




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