Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream

Chocolate Chip Cookies are good. Ice cream is good. Why not combine the two and make something awesome!


No matter where you are, no matter the weather, there is no better time than ice cream time. When exactly is ice cream time you may ask? All the damn time, yo! All the time is ice cream time! Seeing as it is ice cream time not only because it always is but also because it happens to be Summer here in the southern hemisphere I think it would be a good idea to make ice cream.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Chocolate Chip Cookies are my absolute favourite type of cookies. They’ve got this deep toffee flavour, chew, crunch and then little nubbins of chocolate all over the place that just makes your heart happy and also maybe gives you diabetes. I don’t think I could ever get sick of them.

And then there’s ice cream.

Ice cream creates memories and also helps you forget them. You know what I mean right? That time you went to the beach and you sat on the sand, watching the waves do their thing while licking an ice cream cone that you got from the stand about 10 meters away. The sun is out, you’re with your loved ones, you’re at the beach, you’re eating ice cream. It’s a glorious day. Or that time when you’re traveling great distances to far away places (the farm) and its about 100 000°C outside. You stop at a service station to fill up the car and your parents give you twenty bucks to buy yourself a treat and what do you get? Ice cream. Whether it’s magnum or king cone it doesn’t matter. You’re cooling off and relaxing as the ice cream drips down your fingers creating a sticky, happy mess. Those are memories. Then, to juxtapose it all, you’ve got the infamous eating ice cream because you broke up with your SO moment. You go to the freezer, take out the huge tub of ice cream, get a huge ass spoon, sit on the couch or in your bed and watch some soppy romance film like the Notebook and you cry. But it’s okay because you’re taking comfort in that tub of ice cream. Ice cream will never break up with you. Ice cream will never leave you. Ice cream will never call you fat. It might make you fat but it will never call you fat and that’s important.


So then what happens when you combine chocolate chip cookies and ice cream?

Your brain explodes as your taste buds receive too many taste sensations for your central nervous system to handle and for your body to respond to thus your brain explodes due to deliciousness overload. Because that’s how science works.

This ice cream, friends, is so amazing. The depth of flavour that comes from the muscovado sugar gives the ice cream a toffee flavour which then compliments and is complimented by the large chunks of chocolate chip cookies that slowly become super chewy and delicious as it mixes into the ice cream.

I urge you, I beg you to try this at home and make your soul happy and create memories!


I have written an in depth post all about ice cream making here. Check it out to learn more about how to make ice cream at home.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Ice Cream

  • 100g dark muscovado sugar
  • 2 extra large egg yolks
  • 1 heaped tsp flour or corn flour
  • 1 heaped tbsp liquid glucose
  • 625ml whole milk
  • 250ml cream
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 200g chopped and sifted chocolate chip cookies*
  • In a mixing bowl whisk together the sugar and eggs until paler in colour and fully combined. Then thoroughly mix in the flour and the glucose. Then add the milk and mix well.
  • Place contents of the bowl into a heavy based pot over a medium low heat and stir continuously until the custard has thickened and when you coat the back of a spoon with it and draw a line through it the line stays.
  • Remove from heat and stir in the cream and vanilla extract.
  • Place in a bowl and cover with cling wrap making sure the cling wrap actually makes direct contact with the custard to prevent a skin from forming.
  • Place in the fridge to cool completely for a few hours but preferably over night.
  • Churn ice cream according to the ice cream maker’s instructions or use the no churn method.
  • Just before the ice cream has completed churning add the chopped chocolate chip cookies.
  • Once it is done churning transfer the ice cream to a container to freeze further for a couple of hours before serving or serve immediately if you like soft serve ice cream.
  • You can use any shop bought chocolate chip cookies you want but if you want to make your own here is my recipe for chocolate chip cookies.
  • You can use more or less cookies depending on how much extra stuff you like in your ice cream.


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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jhuls says:

    Wow! This looks absolutely delish, Zoa. I wish I have some in front of me right now. 😀

    1. Zoa says:

      Haha thank you! 🙂

  2. steviemark says:

    Will definitely have to try this one!

    1. It’s divine. Do give it a go and tell me how you do 🙂

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